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Miss Deeane is a sexy brunette mistress that has been busy creating a movie to send to her husband while he is working hard at his job to bring money home for her to buy anything that she wants. She sends him her new tape with a look of satisfaction on it after she just got done getting fucked by a real man. She wants her husband to see how happy she is with another man.

This sexy blonde is taking a break from work from her job and she strips down to her peach colored panties and bra with her clear stockings over her long sexy sleek legs. She is showing off to her employee her sexy body but will not let him between her long sexy legs as she lays in bed and teases him with her perfect body but will not give it up.

Alice takes a leather glove and uses it to cover a hard cock in front of her and the takes this leather glove and uses it to stroke the hard cock in front of her face while the camera is in his point of view so you can sit back and enjoy this babe taking a big creamy cum shot to her face as it slides down into her face.

Goddess Daniel has her loser cuckold at home and when she gets there after he spent the day cleaning the house she strips down to her sexy lingerie and shows off him what the goo of a real man looks like as she shows him her stained panties covered in the creamy cum of her other lovers as she humiliates him by telling him that he will never be able to fill her up like that.

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