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This used to be your hot girlfriend. Well, she still is, because you are too pathetic to get rid off. You've lost your job to a better stud who then came int to take your girl from you as well. Now she's got you in a cage and in chasity. But don't worry! You still get to lick the grime from her high heeled shoes she puts through the bars

Only Mistress Sara's boyfriend gets to touch her feet and kiss her. And she sho this video to make that very clear to you, by showing what she gets up to with him, and you are only allowed to watch. She humiliates you while she has fun with her boyfriend. But she still gives you her personal email so you can show how much you adore her with your tribute

This woman definitely knows the difference between having a man and a slave. Any man would just love to ram his hard cock inside of her wet pussy and tight asshole, but a slave will worship her body and adore her nice pussy. She wants you to lie back and let her play with your small cock while you stare at her sexy body. She knows you want to fuck her.

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